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x12 180 Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification

180 Specifications

 The EDI x12 180s enable businesses to streamline the supply chain by eliminating the need to receive returns through fax or email and having to manually re-key the information into different systems. The automation also keeps the cost of business down as a whole because it frees up resources and reduces human error.

 The 180 is an electronic document that represents return merchandise authorization and notification to a vendor. The x12 180 Return Merchandise Authorization encompasses the business and industry practices relative to returning merchandise to the vendor.

You can use an x12 180 to communicate electronically with your trading partner’s the order information such as:

Request for Returns
Return Notifications
Notifications of Consumer Returns
Shipping Information
Authorization or Disposition of returns

180 Example

ISA*00* *00* *01*1234567890 *01*999999999 *120126*1211*U*00401*000000478*0*P~
GS*ME*1234567890 *999999999 *20120126*1211*1*T*004010~
BGN*00*Reference Identification*20120322*111459*01*Reference Identification*01*1*00~
PRF*Purchase Order Number**Change O*20120322*Assigned Identificat*Contract Number*AB~
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser**1*279662**01*2556712***Reference Identification*Option Number*Description~
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser**1*17339*86201*01*26162***Reference Identification*Option Number*Description~
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser**1*3044*241452182*01*30051148018563***Reference Identification~
SAC*A*A010***792315*1*11*94*01*2941923583148**01*Reference Identification**Description*LAN~
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser*228642*1*283**01*8*666**Reference Identification**Description~
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser*251891*1*143031*25283*01*11000221*186**Reference Identification**Description~
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser*186542324*1*105*****01***Description*LAN~
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser**1*8*1*01*422618*1**Reference Identification**Description~
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser*241403*1*19652*3*01*3089*29**Reference Identification~
TD1*AMM01*1768**Commodity Code***102*01*23378154*01~
LM*10*Source Subquali~
LQ*0*Industry Code~


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