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x12 811 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement

811 Specifications

 The x12 transaction is used in place of the paper invoice or statement for very complex and structured billing applications.
This transaction set may contain up to nine hierarchical levels. This distinguishes the 811 from the EDI 810 Invoice transaction, as it provides for extensive flexibility in the type and organization of data that may be presented. This allows for the billing of multiple service providers and for a variety of billing arrangements in one transaction. For this reason, the 811 transaction is widely used in the telecommunications industry.

Different EDI 811 document formats may be used to provide different levels of account invoice and statement information, to accommodate multiple account levels. In telecommunications, for example, this is valuable for billing multiple phone numbers both individually and consolidated under one master account. In fact, there are three different 811 formats possible for billing different account levels and levels of billing information:

  • Single Account Billing – one account, one service, one invoice
  • Group Billing Account – several single accounts consolidated under one master account, all on one invoice
  • Consolidated Billing Account – single accounts or Group Billing Accounts consolidated under one master account, utilizing one summary 811 for all accounts and a separate 811 for each sub-account

To accommodate these different billing levels and account structures, the 811 transaction supports two different levels of billing. The EDI 811 Summary Bill is used to provide customers with a broad summary of invoice information for higher level invoice processing. An EDI 811 Detail Bill is used to provide customers with complete billing information, which enables a detailed analysis of service levels and charges by the customer.

The 811 transaction may also be used as a credit/debit memo to help differentiate payable invoice items from mere informational memo items. However, it should not be used as a standalone credit/debit adjustment notification.

811 Example



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